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New Zealand is an island which is situated in south west of Pacific Ocean offering a fantastic lifestyle with its long established democracy, safe and stable political environment, and multicultural society reflecting migration from different parts of the world since years.

Clean, safe, and peaceful country to Immigrate, Balanced Economy, and lifestyle, favorable Government Policies, enormous job opportunities for the skilled migrants, reasonable climate, and conditions.


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New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries to live, work, business, and study. The crime rate in New Zealand is relatively very low, which makes it the 3rd safest and peaceful country to live in the world. With 30% area dedicated to National Parks, New Zealand is the most cleaned and beautiful country in the world with spectacular sceneries and landscape beauty. It has vast career opportunities and perfect work and life balance with considerable workplace laws in favor of the employees or workers.

What makes New Zealand an ideal Immigration Destination

What are the Various Visa Categories NZ offers?

New Zealand offers visa under various visa categories to live, work, business and study here.

PR Categories of NZ

There are many categories to choose from to migrate permanently to New Zealand. They are:-

NZ Work Permit Categories

Student Visa

New Zealand Education System has very high reputation with its practical and modern approach. NZ offers safe & conducive learning environment for the overseas students.

Business Visa

If you want to set up your business in New Zealand our experienced staff at Visas Avenue will help you to find out and apply the visa suitable to your needs out of the following:-

NZ Visit Visa

There are many categories under visit visa depending on your purpose of visit with same requirements and additional pieces of evidence. They are:-

Working Holiday Visa

This particular category of Visa offers a short-term holiday visa supported by permission to work in order to support your holidays.

How to take the first step to get the NZ Visa

In order begin your mission for NZ Visa; just fill up the free assessment form. Once you submit the form our team of Immigration Specialist shall assess your profile and accordingly contact you with expert advice regarding your appropriate visa category and process of Immigration to New Zealand. The experts at Visas Avenue will also help you in filing your New Zealand Visa in time and will monitor and follow up your application till it gets approved.

We at provide you the most promising immigration advice and services and thereby providing utmost client satisfaction Our team of expert immigration counselors backed by highly experienced immigration specialists and case managers make your you hassle-free free and pleasant.